student ministry city lights Students who are bold and lit for Jesus. Matthew 5:14-16

About City Lights Student Ministry

City Lights is a student ministry for 7th – 12th graders that are bold in their walk with Christ and who have chosen to be the Light in a dark world! Our goal is to make All-In disciples for Christ by equipping our students with practical and spiritual tools to live a God purpose life. We walk alongside our students in their everyday life to give the support and encouragement they need.

Meet Our Youth Pastor

Join Us At Our Breakout Nights

We believe in giving our students every opportunity to encounter Christ. Breakout nights are created for students to worship freely with their peers, hear a message that will give those, listening tools to live boldly, and a place they can have fun and know true joy in Christ Jesus.

Our next Breakout is in:

Join A Squad Today!

Join our SQUADS student small groups. We meet during the week at different locations in the city. You can click on SQUADS to find out more information.

Start Serving!

iServe is a way for students to serve others. They can help with In Reach, which is in our local church. Or they can serve in Out Reach in the local community and beyond.