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What is Growth Track?

About the Pastor

City Church is a ministry founded by Dr. Dimitri Bradley, our lead pastor, and his wife, Pastor Nicole. They founded City Church to help reach out to the lost within the community and to serve their community.

Before becoming a pastor, Dr. Bradley worked in the private banking industry. City Church started with 12 people and has grown to a congregation of more than 4,000.

Together, Dr. Bradley and Pastor Nicole teach the Word of God and train disciples. Dr. Bradley and Pastor Nicole live in the Richmond, VA area with their two children, Jordan and Julius.

Dr. Bradley is also the author of the best selling book “U Mad?”.  “U Mad?” is designed to show readers God’s way of helping you overcome and conquer anger in your life.

Dr. Bradley writes from a place he once occupied, and shows you how to trade in your frustrations and stress for a life of peace and healing through God.

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