About Pastor

City Church is a ministry founded by Dr. Dimitri Bradley, our lead pastor, and his wife, Pastor Nicole. They founded City Church to help reach out to the lost within the community and to serve their community. Before becoming a pastor, Dr. Bradley worked in the private banking industry. City Church started with 12 people and has grown to a congregation of more than 4,000.


Together, Dr. Bradley and Pastor Nicole teach the Word of God and train disciples. Dr. Bradley and Pastor Nicole live in the Richmond, VA area with their two children, Jordan and Julius.


Dr. Bradley is also the author of the best selling book “U Mad?”.  “U Mad?” is designed to show readers God’s way of helping you overcome and conquer anger in your life. Dr. Bradley writes from a place he once occupied, and shows you how to trade in your frustrations and stress for a life of peace and healing through God.

City Church History

In February 1998, Dr. Dimitri and Pastor Nicole Bradley founded Mt. Gerizim World Outreach Ministries with twelve members in the living room of their home. They then stepped out in faith and transitioned into a building in November of 1998.


For nearly 14 months, the services of this ministry were held at 709 Dawn Street in Richmond, Virginia. During this time of humble beginnings, the membership continued to grow and a larger facility was needed.


God miraculously blessed the ministry to secure a new, larger facility without incurring debt upon move-in time.


Hence, in January 2000, our next location became 4112 Fitzhugh Avenue. (Also in Richmond, Virginia.) – Another milestone in the history of this ministry occurred on Sunday, February 13, 2000 when Mt. Gerizim World Outreach Ministries, along with Dr. Dimitri Bradley, celebrated their first anniversary; The service was held at 5:00 p.m.


Since that time, the theme for the anniversary, “GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL” has certainly become a reality. Indeed, God has manifested His blessings, in countless ways.


After being at 4112 Fitzhugh Avenue for only two years and with over 170 members Mt. Gerizim World Outreach Ministries then relocated to the 4116 Fitzhugh Avenue location on April 30, 2002. The ministry continued to grow steadily. And, after three years and eight months (at that address) Mt. Gerizim World Outreach Ministries and Dr. Bradley relocated to the current location of 4700 Oakley’s Lane in Richmond, Virginia, in December 2005.


As of July 1, 2007 the name of Mt Gerizim World Outreach Ministries was changed to the Mountain of Blessing Christian Center.


In 2008 the church growth was such that, that Dr. Bradley started planning an addition to the building.


In 2010 the 4700 Oakley’s Lane location was enlarged due to the growth of the ministry. We moved into the new addition which included an 800 seat sanctuary, office spaces, bathrooms, and a gym. The original sanctuary is being used for the Youth ministry. The church is still increasing with a membership in (2014) of 1900 members.


In 2017 Mountain of Blessings Christian Center became City Church with approximately 3500 members. Dr. Bradley also added a new location on the south side known as the Swift Creek Campus.


Currently, Dr. Bradley is looking to expand once again. 


Our beliefs describe how we view God, Jesus, the Bible, and many aspects of our faith. Firmly rooted in Scripture, the beliefs of City Church guide our decisions as a church.


You don’t have to be a christian to come to City Church. We want you to know that you can belong here before you believe.


Our Vision is declared with 4 words that keep the direction of City Church clear. These values reflect our priority to reach people with the Gospel.