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Our Mission

KLSM exists to connect people to God in a personal and practical way so that they live in victory, discover purpose and make a lasting impact in their family and community. Our mission is to educate, equip, empower and send fully-devoted disciples of Christ who are passionate about seeing the full manifestation of the Kingdom of God.


2-Year Curriculum

KLSM offers 20 courses which can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. We award first year certificates after the completion of 10 courses and second year certificates after the completion of 20 courses. Each semester lasts 14 weeks and each class meets once per week (Sun, Tue or Thurs).

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KLSM Impact

Through biblical study, prayer, impartation and practical application of what is taught in the classroom, KLSM students find the confidence and boldness to take the gospel of the Kingdom to our city and even the world. Between semesters students participate in short term immersions focused on ministry service and evangelistic outreach.

2020 Spring Courses

Classes Start February 18th

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Course Descriptions

New Testament Survey (Sundays 3:30pm)

Jesus came to fulfill the law, set us free from sin and usher in the dispensation of grace. In this course we will journey through the New Testament, book-by-book, studying the major events, themes and revelations given to the church. The objective of this course is to provide a deeper understanding of the victory Jesus provided for us through His life, death, resurrection, ascension to heaven, and ultimate return to establish His Kingdom on earth.


Holy Spirit (Sundays 4:45pm)

Jesus commissioned His disciples to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world – but not until they were endued with power from on high. The objective of this course is to understand the work, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit – His ministry in us and on earth, and how we should work with Him in power to expand the Kingdom of God in the earth.


Life of Worship (Tuesdays 6:30pm)

Worship is so much more than the songs we sing at the beginning of service. Worship is the ultimate expression of our love and devotion for the Father. As believers, everything we do in our lives should be worship unto the Lord. The objective of this course is to foster an understanding of true worship and to prepare you to move from ritual to dynamic relationship, from form to fulfillment and to ignite your passion for God’s presence.


Prayer (Thursdays 6:30pm)

As our Savior, Lord and perfect example, Jesus taught us many things. Perhaps one of the most important was His example and instructions on how to pray. The objective of this course is to uncover what the bible says about the types of prayer, the power of prayer and methods of prayer that every Christian should practice to bring about the Kingdom of God in their lives and communities.


Ministry of the Church (Thursdays 7:45pm)

Church means a lot of things to a lot of people, but what matters most is how God describes and views His church. The objective of this class is to examine God’s design, plan and instructions for His church. We will study its structure, leadership, how it should function, and the impact it should have inside and outside of the buildings where we gather for service.

Faculty & Staff


Camille Blanchard, Dean

Camille serves as Dean for Kingdom Life School of Ministry where she also teaches Purpose and Identity. Camille along with her husband Tommy are also Helps Ministry Leadership Coaches, Small Group Leaders, and Serve Team Leaders for Kids Town and Teen Ministry at City Church’s Swift Creek Campus. Camille is a graduate of Faith Landmarks Bible Institute.


Tommy Blanchard, Instructor

Tommy teaches Kingdom Living with a passion and knowledge that comes from prayer, study, application and experience. A devoted husband, a proud father, a successful business executive, and a trusted church leader – Tommy imparts wisdom for bringing the blessings and powerful realities of the Kingdom of God into your life.


Chris Bradley, Instructor

Minister Chris Bradley is senior staff at City Church and oversees all Serve Teams (Helps Ministries) across both church campuses. A gifted relational leader, Chris motivates and mobilizes leaders of over 700 volunteer serve team member. Chris oversees our Ministry Labs during Winter Immersion.

fran grogan

Fran Grogan, Instructor

Rev. Fran teaches Doctrine of God and Activating Miracles, Signs and Wonders. She has taught in bible schools locally, nationally and internationally for over 20 years. As an ordained minister and evangelist, she has traveled to 14 nations, ministered in prisons, trained volunteer workers for the local church. She speaks with simplicity, enthusiasm and a prophetic edge with frequent manifestations of the Holy Spirit and healing.

bill grogran

Bill Grogan, Instructor

Evangelist Bill Grogan is co-founder of Witness 2, an international evangelistic and discipleship ministry. Since 2001 the Grogan’s have traveled to 14 nations across Africa, Europe, India and Central America holding evangelistic meetings, village crusades, pastors seminars, leadership training, and more. Rev. Bill teaches The Great Commission.

Nikie Polite, Instructor

Nikie teaches Truth and Love: Defending Your Faith. She has studied apologetics for more than 10 years and has completed The Theology Program (taught by two alumni of the Dallas Theological Seminary) and received a Certificate in Basic Apologetics Studies from the Southern Evangelical Apologetics Lay Institute at Southern Evangelical Seminary.


Richard Farquharson, Instructor

Richard is a teacher by trade and has a passion to share the word of God through works and relationships. He currently serves our Pastors with excellence as a member of the Pastor Aide ministry and has been a member of the Media and Outreach teams. Richard earned a General Theological Studies Certificate from the Mountain of Blessings Bible Institute in cooperation with Oral Roberts University Bible Institute. Richard teaches The Life & Present-Day Ministry of Christ.

Tosha Brown, Instructor

Tosha, affectionately known as “GiGi”, is a Minister and serves as the Leader of the Visitation & Comfort Ministry at City Church. Tosha is a passionate teacher of the Word of God, and a graduate of Faith Landmarks Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia. Tosha has a passion to see lives transformed by the power of God’s Word and presence of Jesus. She teaches KLSM’s Life of Worship class.


Terrance Jones, Instructor

Terrance has a passion for studying the Bible and teaching the revelations he receives from God via the Holy Spirit. He strongly supports the application of Bible facts and principles in understanding the social and political climates locally and beyond. At City Church Terrance serves with the Creative Team and the Student Ministry. Terrance teaches New Testament Survey.

Stoney Kersey, Instructor

Stoney has a gifting and passion for teaching and is a faithful member and leader at City Church. On our East End campus, he is the ministry leader and lead instructor for Growth Track (the ministry’s equipping classes). He attended Mountain of Blessings Bible Institute. Stoney and his wife Sheila also serve together as altar workers and have a beautiful daughter, Kaitlyn.


Rev. Eleanor Schultz, Instructor

Rev. Eleanor Schultz, aka “Miss Ellie” is a graduate of Bethany College of Missions with a 3-year degree in Theology and Missions. She served for 15 years with WEC, Int’l (a foreign mission board) and taught bible school for 22 years. She’s the founder of Prophetically Speaking and a published author who continues to write booklets on many end-time subjects. Her materials are taught in Bible Schools in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, D.R. Congo and Sudan.


Terrance Jones, Instructor

Terrance has a passion for studying the Bible and teaching the revelations he receives from God via the Holy Spirit. He strongly supports the application of Bible facts and principles in understanding the social and political climates locally and beyond. At City Church Terrance serves with the Creative Team and the Student Ministry. Terrance teaches New Testament Survey.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (Pay in Full Option)

These rates apply if all course fees are paid by the first day of class.

Part-time students (per course)


For students taking 1-4 courses during a semester

Full-time students (per course)


For students taking 5 or more courses during a semester

Tuition (Payment Plan Option)

Tuition Payment 1


Due before midterm

Tuition Payment 2


Due before final

Administrative Fee

Paid once per semester

For Pay in Full & Payment Plan Students


Must be paid by the first class.

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