Leadership Portal

Welcome to the Leadership Portal. Our mission is to give our leaders and serving teams the resources they need to operate consistently and in excellence. From this site you can submit help desk requests, find documentation, and visit the various sites that leaders use on a regular basis

Ministry Budget Submissions

Annual Budget Requests

Leaders, it’s time to submit your budgets! Please use the form below to submit your budget requests.

Event Requests

Event Requests

Event request forms must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks in advance for approval. Once approved, you will be contacted by operations to go over the specifics of your event and create a project timeline.


An event request must be made for events that meet any of the following criteria

  • Require a budget or expenses approvals
  • Are opened to or being advertised to the entire church congregation
  • Require resources outside of your own ministry
Help Desks

Leadership Helpdesk

The Leadership Helpdesk allows you to make requests in four areas, Creative & Media, Facilities, Technology, and Purchasing. All requests can be made from one form, and you can use the helpdesk portal to see all of your existing requests, all in one place. (You must sign in to do this).


Creative & Media: Announcements, Flyers, Social Media, Logos, T-Shirts, Sign-Up Forms, etc.
Facilities: Maintenance, setup, teardown, building access, etc.
Technology & Computers: Computers, laptops, printers phones, email address, website, etc.
Purchasing: Supplies, equipment, books, services, etc.


Helpdesk requests related to events must already be approved using the event request process (above).

To view helpdesk requests, you must login. If you do not have a login, click the “Lost Password” link and use the email address you used to submit your ticket.

Helpdesk Turnaround Times (When Can I Get It?):


  • Video Announcements: 3 weeks
  • Social Media Post:  2 weeks
  • Flyer / Brochure (2 revisions limit): 2 weeks
  • Sign-up / Payment Forms: 1 week
  • Purchasing Requests: 2 weeks (approval time)
  • Email Address Requests: 1 week
  • All Other Requests vary by project and scope.

Debit Card Reconciliation

Use this form to report purchases on your City Church issued Debit Cards


Use this for purchase reimbursements. Purchases must have been pre-approved before their can be a reimbursement made for it.